Bord Bainistíochta - Board of Management


All primary schools are managed by a group of four or eight people who have a particular interest in

the provision of primary schooling in their local area. This team is made up of parents' nominees,

teachers, nominees of the patron and community nominees who have a particular interest or expertise.

 Board of Management Members

Chairperson / Diocesan Nominee: Philip Cribbin

Diocesan Nominee: Fr. Ian O' Neill

Parent Nominee: Nicola Lenihan

Parent Nominee: Clement Shevlin

Community Nominee: Cora Lyons

Community Nominee: Martin Kirrane

Principal: Carmel Ní Bhroin

Teacher: Regina Uí Dhomhnaill

 For further information on The Board of Management in your Primary School, please read the following booklet from the National Parents Council: