Retreat to Esker 15th March 2019

Strike for Climate Action 15th March 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Van Gogh Sunflowers


Swimming Lessons

Rugby Blitz 13th February 2019

Catholic Schools Week 27 Jan - 3 Feb 2019

Write A Book 28th Jan 2019

We have been working hard since long before Christmas on our Write A Book project. We have written multiple drafts, made additions and corrections, edited and proofread, designed covers, written blurbs and stretched our imaginations before publishing our final drafts. We exchanged our books with another school who will read ours while we will enjoy reading their books over the next two weeks. We are all very proud of our books and excited to see who will be awarded with a commendation or merit award. 

Learning about Submarines 22nd Jan 2019

Today we learned all about submarines! We learned about how they work and what they are used for. We also learned that a man from County Clare named John Philip Holland designed the first submarine and he sold his designs to the U.S. military. Then we conducted our own experiment and made our very own sachet submarine. We also wrote our own acrostic Submarine poems.



The Sachet Submarine!

Make your very own submarine, that you control, inside a bottle! 

What do I need?

A screw top bottle full of water
A sachet, tomato ketchup, brown sauce or in this case vinegar
A glass of water
Some blue tac
How do I do it?

STEP  1 – Pop the sachet inside the drinks bottle full of water and screw the lid on tight!

STEP    3 – Dive your sachet submarine into the depths simply be squeezing the side of the bottle.

STEP    4 – Make your submarine rise back up simply by releasing the bottle.

What’s going on?

The little pocket of air inside the sachet means that it’s lighter (less dense) and so it floats on top of the water. 

When you squeeze the bottle this increases the pressure! This squashes that little pocket of air inside the sachet making it more dense so it starts to sink. When you let go of the bottle, the air inside the sachet spreads back out and the sachet get’s bigger (making it less dense) and so your submarine rises back up to the surface!

Fabric & Fibre - Christmas Cards 20th Dec 2018

Our Christmas Play

Rang a Sé worked very hard for weeks preparing and practising for our Christmas production of the play Silent Night.

All our dedication and hard work paid off on the day and we were delighted with our performance.

The church was filled with music and songs and an adoring audience of proud family members who cheered us on!

It was a fantastic day! 

Designing Quizzes using ICT 14th Dec 2018

 Today we learned how to use the Kahoot App to research and design our own quizzes based on our SESE topics. We all worked in small groups to research questions and multiple choice answers for our quizzes. We used the Kahoot App on the iPads to design and make the quizzes. Finally we had great fun competing to be the winning team as we played each game online. We could see if our answers were correct and which team was in the lead after we answered each question on our team iPad

Starry Night in Bethlehem


Working With Clay

Process: Shaping and perfecting our Christmas decorations. 

Our Finished Christmas Decorations!!


Three Kings Dec 3rd 2018

Winter Silence Dec 2018

 Our winter collage pictures!  

The Dot

What can you create with just a dot?

We watched an animated version of Peter Reynold's story, The Dot.

It is a fabulously heart-warming story all about a little girl named Vashti who thinks that she is no good at art!  The story has an important message to teach us about the creative spirit that is in each of us. 

We started with just a dot on our page and went from there wherever our imaginations could take us. We worked with sharpie markers to draw because there could be no mistakes so no need for pencil and erasers!

We hope you enjoy our beautiful artwork.

Science Week 11th - 18th November 2018

 Rang a Sé worked very hard all week researching and conducting different science experiments. We saw all sorts of chemical reactions, examples of different kinds of energy and forces in action, made our own lava lamps and watched a video on  Science Foundation Ireland's website about the history and  importance of vaccines. It was a very busy and exciting week! Well done to all our budding scientists!

Visit from All Ireland Minor Hurling Champions

9th November 2018

 Diarmuid Kilcommins, Conor Flaherty & Enda Collins of the Galway Minor Hurling Team came to visit the school today. We got to ask them all about their experiences and their inspirations and they even let us hold the cup, take photos with them and they signed jerseys and hurleys for us! We are so proud of them and we delighted to get to chat with them today.

Bake Sale

25th October 2018

Some photos from our very busy and successful bake sale before the Halloween break. Rang a Sé worked very hard on the day setting up, making sales and then the inevitable clean-up! A huge thank you to all the children and parents who were busy baking and who made such wonderful and tasty treats . 

Happy Halloween!

Eolaíocht - Making Catapults - Energy and Forces

22nd October 2018

 Today we explored stored energy and designed and made our own catapults. We used lollipop sticks, tape and elastic bands and collaborated with a partner in the design and make process. We started by making three triangles and using them to make a triangular based pyramid. Next we made the arm of the catapult and attached it to the pyramid. Finally we used an elastic band, which will be the source of the stored energy we will use when we test out and use our catapults.

When a force acts on an object that cannot move, it may change its size or shape. Some things (e.g. plasticine/ modelling clay) stay in the new shape when the force is removed. But some substances, like rubber, return to their original form when the force is removed. The latter are called ELASTIC substances.
Elastic materials store energy when they are stretched, and release the energy when the force is removed. So energy is stored in stretched rubber bands (this is the energy which you have put into it to stretch it). This energy is released when the rubber band is let go and it goes back to its
original size.
This activity also shows the strength of the triangle. The triangle is a shape often used in architecture because of its strength.

This activity also draws on our mathematical knowledge and skills in the areas of 3-D Shapes, lines and angles, length and our scientific skills of predicting, experimenting, measuring, planning, making and evaluating.

 A bit of history: Catapults were used for a long time in warfare: the Romans used catapults as siege weapons. Later on, the Normans used them also; and in
the twentieth century catapults were used in the First World War to fire hand grenades into the enemy’s trenches.
Bows and arrows also use stored energy – used from very early times for hunting and in war.

Haunted House for sale!

19th October 2018

 Which of our haunted houses would you buy???

Here are our Halloween spooky haunted houses.

We explored color and tone while painting the backgrounds.

We used purple paint and added white to create a lighter tone around the moon and  black paint to create the darker purple tones.

Next we cut out our house shape from black card and added windows with yellow paper.

We had discussed and explored spooky Halloween adjectives and used these to write spine-chilling property for sale ads to try to entice buyers 




Skip Hop

Thursday 18th October

We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day to go outside for our skipping workshop!

We had great fun while learning new skills and practising new moves out in the sunshine.

We had to focus and use many different skills, such as timing, balance, coordination, guaging speed, and teamwork to try to get as many uninterrupted team skips  as we could!

It was a great way to end the day.

Our First School Assembly Performance

Tuesday 16th October 2018

We had the great honour to be the first class to lead the first new senior level school assembly. Our class worked very hard over the previous couple of weeks practising and preparing a song, a short drama, and also surprise gifts for all the audience members from 3rd class to 6th class.

We welcomed our audience and read out a list of all the amazing achievements that children from 3rd to 6th have accomplished since September!

The theme of the assembly was Wellbeing and Kindness. We sang our Weaving Wellbeing Rap which summarises and explains how all of the topics we are learning about in our SPHE Weaving Wellbeing Programme can help us to feel strong and healthy in body and mind and how looking after ourselves and being kind to others can help us to cope with life's ups and downs. Our whole class sang while our team of very talented dancers displayed their talents. Our dancers deserve a special mention as they worked tirelessly in school and at home to create their own dance routine to accompany our song.

Next we read out some inspirational quotes and words on the theme of kindness and explained how we will have a Kindness Box in our room. Each week we will ask children to write down and add to the box the names and actions of  people they see being kind to others. Before each school break a name will be randomly chosen from the box to receive a little reward for their good deed. We'll all be on the look-out for these wonderful acts of kindness and we expect our Kindness Box to be over-flowing in no time!

After this we performed a short drama on the theme of kindness and how kindness can be a form of magic that we are all capable of spreading. Our actors did a fantastic job of illustrating this topic. We then handed out to everyone our Magic Wands of Kindness that we had made over the previous weeks so that everyone could be inspired to head off and spread the magic of kindness around our school and at home. Our very talented musicians then played some lovely tunes for us while our wands were being handed out.  A wonderfully successful day and congratulations Rang a Sé on a fabulous assembly. All the hard preparation work paid off. A big thank you also to Mrs. Walshe who gave us loads of help and great ideas and who coordinated the day !

Our talented musicians. 

 Performing for our wonderful audience.

Spread the magic!

Our magic wands of kindness, one for everyone in the audience!!! 

Claregalway 2020 Cross-cultural Halloween Event

We were delighted to be able to play a part in the upcoming Claregalway 2020 Cross-cultural Halloween event.

Our class researched different aspects of Indian life and history and created this colourful mood board which will be on display in the community centre during the event. 

We hope you stop by and have a look!

History - Group Research - Writing and Map Work

After all the excitement of our historical walking tour we decided to do some further research on the sites we visited yesterday.

We worked in groups with iPads to find out more information about the main sites we stopped at on the tour. The places we researched were: Lynch's Castle, The Lynch Window, Blake's Tower, NUIG, Galway Cathedral, St. Nicholas' Church and The King's Head. We also looked further into the Disney family's connection with Galway.

We then drew maps of Galway city, some modern, some Medieval.

Historical Walking Tour of Galway

10th October 2018

 We started out at Eyre Square or Kennedy Memorial Park as it’s also known. 

We fished up at NUIG where we learned all about the many interesting and  famous people who studied and worked here, including Bram Stoker's brother, William, the author JRR Tolkien, Alexander Anderson, who was the first person to suggest the existence of black holes, and the geologist William King,  who was the first person to propose the distinct species of humans called Neanderthals or Homo neanderthalensis

The South-east pillar, St. Nicholas's Church, also called an apprentice pillar, supposedly built by the Freemasons. There are only two pillars like this in Europe. This one and one in Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

 A house on Middle Street where Walt Disney's grandfather, John James Disney, once lived. The family had originally come from France where there name was Disigney.

Lynch's Castle, is 600 hundred years old. It has gargoyle waterspouts which is where the word, gurgling comes from. The crests visible are the Lynch family crest and a Tudor crest.

British flags from the Crimean War. These flags were used during the famous battle, The Charge of the Light Brigade.

A symbol of the Freemasons on the tomb of a Freemason in St. Nicholas' Church 

 In 1649 there was a civil war in England and Cromwell ordered the death of King Charles the 1st. In the window of the pub there is likeness of Colonel Peter Stubbers who was the man who killed Charles the 1st because he lived here after the war.

These angels have no heads because when Cromwell's army invaded Galway they were puritans who did not believe in the use of religious iconography so they defaced the statues in the church. 

A World War 1 monument to commemorate the 15 people from Galway who fought and died during the war. 

Part of the old medieval wall of Galway, now located in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre. 

This is the Leper's Gallery where people afflicted by the disease could attend mass.

The Lynch Window where the mayor of Galway hanged his own son who had committed a crime because no executioner was willing to do the job. 

A map of medieval Galway 

World Space Week 4th - 10th October 2018

 Since its United Nations declaration in 1999, World Space Week has grown into the largest public space event on Earth. More than 3,700 events in 80 countries celebrated the benefits of space and excitement about space exploration in 2017.  The 2018 theme is “Space Unites The World” and 2019 theme “The Moon:  Gateway to the Stars.”

This week is World Space Week. Rang a Sé worked hard on small group projects based on different themes and topics related to Space. We used some child-friendly search engines like, Kiddle, KidRex and Fact Monster to do our research. We then used the App, Adobe Spark Video, on the school iPads to create engaging and interesting presentations on our chosen topics.


Our Space Week Adobe Spark Video Presentations

                                                                                          Watch our video presentations. We hope you enjoy them!

Chinese Cherry Blossoms

1st October 2018


Here are some of our Chinese Cherry Blossoms that we made to mark the National Day of the People's Republic of China.

Recently we learned all about ancient Chinese history.

We learned about the original tribes that settled there and about some of the most well-known dynasties, including the Qin (pronounced - chin)and Han dynasties.

We compared these two very different periods of Chinese history and watched a video about Emperor Qin's famous Terracotta army which is 2,200 years old and consists of 8000 life-size figures that were discovered in 1984 by local farmers.

Our Padlet Page & ReadWorks Book of Knowledge

 ReadWorks Article-A-DayTM  is a 10 minute daily routine that we use to increase our background knowledge, vocabulary, and reading stamina.

Every day after reading we write two or three things we have learned or want to remember into our A4 hardback notebooks. These are our individual Books of Knowledge where we can see and document all that we are learning over the coming weeks and months. You can find more information on this and other Readworks activities at

 Padlet is an application to create an online bulletin board that you can use to display information on any topic. We have created a Padlet page based on our Readworks article reading and this functions as our class Book of Knowledge. You can view it by copying and pasting the URL below. We can add to the Padlet wall at home by clicking anywhere on the page and typing into the text box that appears. We hope you enjoy reading it !

8th October 2018

European Week of Sport 21st -28th September

Tour of Europe Challenge

 This week was the  European Week of Sport. Rang a Sé conquered the Tour of Europe Challenge. Our class went out every day running, walking or jogging laps and we clocked up  778km. This is the  distance  between Dublin and The Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Tornado Collages

 These  are our tornado collages that we made while storm Ali was blowing !!        Wed 19th Sept 2018


Making Plastic - Casein

 Fresh milk is very nourishing. It contains many of the essential nutrients needed for health.

These include various proteins, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, and vitamins A,
D and E. Two of the proteins are called casein and whey. Casein forms the basis
of cheese and also certain plastics.

Modern plastic is a man-made product which does not occur naturally on its own.

Most plastics are made from oil (the petroleum type), but some of the earliest
plastics were made from casein, especially for making buttons.

When vinegar is added to warm milk, a chemical reaction takes place:
the acid in the vinegar reacts with the protein in the milk, causing the
milk to curdle and to separate out into blobs (the curds) and a liquid
(whey). The curds can be moulded and they become hard when dry.
They are fairly similar chemically to plastic.

We used this method to make our own plastic today in class!

18th Sept 2018

Eolaíocht - Materials - Mixing Experiment

 What we used: 
You will need milk (near use by date), shallow dish, food colouring, cotton buds (Q-tips) and dish soap.

1.  Pour some milk into the shallow dish.
2.  Add approximately 5-6 drops of food colouring.
3.  Prepare the liquid dish soap in a small bowl, adding a small amount of water and mix with the end of the cotton bud.
4.  Place the soap soaked cotton bud into the centre of the of the milk dish.

These photos were taken just after we placed the soap soaked cotton bud into the centre of the milk. It demonstrates how the coloured food dye disperses outwards to the side of the plate.

Milk is mainly made of water and the other big ingredient is usually fat (not all milk has the same amount of fat). The dish soap bonds with the fat in the milk.

This bond is so strong that the water and food colouring are pushed out. The swirling effect is everything else moving around to make room for the dish soap and fat bond.

Sept 18th 2018

Foreshortening - Self Portraits

 Foreshortening is when something looks like it is coming toward you because of a change in size. We used this technique when doing our self portraits.            Sept 13th


Find your Wings


 Rang a Sé did a collaborative art project!

We made the feathers for the wings using paper and oil pastels then made them into a giant pair of wings.

They are on display in the school hall where anyone who passes can stand in front of them and wear wings for a little while!   

 Sept 14th 2018

Líníocht: Dragon Eyes

 Our Dragon Eyes Drawings. We used pencil and charcoal to create these.

Sept 7th 2018