Happy Summer Holidays!!!I

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy all the fun times with your families over the summer break! 

We have had a great year this year. The class have been wonderfully kind, caring and creative. I wish you all the best in your new class next year!

School Tour- 10th June

What a wonderful day we had on our tour!

2nd class went to Athenry. We went to the Heritage Centre. We had fun running through a maze and learning how to shoot a bow and arrow!! 

We dressed up in costume and learned about the history of medieval times. We saw the castle! We ate our lunch in Supermacs and had fun in the playground!

1st class went to Turoe Pet Farm and had great fun on the largest indoor bouncing castle in Europe, as well as Jungle Town! 


Summer is finally here! Hopefully we see lots of sunshine over the next few months!! 

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to all the boys and girl who made their Communion on Saturday  25th May. 

All the pupils were so brilliant in their preparation all week and we had an amazing ceremony! I hope you all had a wonderful day!!

Board Games Reward

We earned lots of points for all our good behaviour, over the last few weeks. 

The children have shown lots of kindness and have worked very hard!

For their reward we brought in some board games and they had loads of time for playing!


This Easter we enjoyed creating our own Easter eggs and drawing an Easter bunny.

We also wrote stories about an Easter surprise!  The surprises were all full of fun and imagination!

Health Promotion

Our school is working towards earning the Health Promotion flag. There is an excellent team of pupils and teachers in the school who help us to learn about Healthy Eating, Well-being and Mindfulness.

To help our school, our class decided to create posters to give everyone ideas on how they could improve their health. We had some great ideas here!! 

First Confession- 9th April

Best wishes to all the boys and girls who will make their first confession on the 9th of April. They have worked very hard over the last few weeks, preparing themselves, their confession, their prayers and songs.  

An Gréasaí & na Leapracháin

For Seachtain na Gaeilge, our class performed a play called 'An Gréasaí & na Leapracháin'. It was an Irish retelling of the Elves and the Shoemaker. We added our own little details- such as footballers, dancers, a king, a princess and some soldiers!

Bhaineamar go leor taitneamh as an dráma agus é a chur ar súil do ranganna éagsúla sa scoil. Bhí na páistí go hiontach! Maith sibh! 

Leprechaun Stories

We had great fun brainstorming ideas for creative stories involving leprechauns! The pupils drew a picture of their leprechaun to help them with their ideas. Then they told their stories to the class. It was wonderful to hear all our budding storytellers! 

Lá Fhéile Phádraig!

Tá súil agam go mbainfidh sibh go léir taitneamh as an lá. 

I hope you all enjoy the weekend. Have fun at the parades and activities around the county!

Don't forget to check out the Claregalway festival where pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th class will be performing songs,music and dance. Best wishes to Corofin too in the All-Ireland final. Mrs Murphy will be hoping for a great day out in Croke Park!!


Happy Valentine's Day!

We are spreading the love with our Love Birds artwork! We wish all our friends and families a very loving Valentine's Day! 

Healthy Heroes

Our school works hard to promote healthy eating along with a healthy mind and body. We have put in a special effort over the last few weeks, to recognise some of the healthy food in our lunchboxes. We love to see lots of fruit and vegetables in there!! Here are some of the boys and girls that have been chosen as Healthy Heroes so far! 


Grandparent's Day 30th January

 We had a lovely afternoon with our Grandparents today. They came in to our classroom, had a chat with us and answered a lot of questions about life when they were young! The children found it interesting that the families were much bigger in the past, that they had so few treats in the past and that school was a much tougher place than it is now!!

Our grandparents are so important to all of us. We would like to say many thanks to those who were able to join us today and we send our best wishes to all those who could not travel. The children made some special art as a keepsake for all of you. 

Merry Christmas!

We have had a brilliant first term here in Seomra 5. We have learned loads in all our subjects and done amazing things like Assemblies and Christmas Plays!

We are all excited for our Christmas break and cannot wait for Santa to come! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! 

Silent Night 19.12

Congratulations to all the pupils from 1st to 6th class who took part in the play Silent Night. The 6th class were the main actors and actresses. They did a wonderful job telling the story of how the Silent Night song was written. Our class had a song to sing about all the busy work to do in preparation for Christmas!

Well done Rang a 1 and Rang a 2- you did a great job singing Guten Morgen!

Winter Art

Christmas and Winter are brilliant themes for Art.  Here are some of the creations that we have been working on! 

Heritage Visit- Irish Mammals

Today, 11th of December, we had a visit from Jonathon and Fionn. They taught us about Irish mammals such as bats, foxes, badgers, otters and seals. They also played some Irish music for us. Thank you Fionn and Jonathon for such an engaging presentation! 

Elfie Saves Christmas!

On the 5th of December, we went to Leisureland to watch the Talisman Theatre production of 'Elfie Saves Christmas'. Elfie had to try to save Christmas from two naughty goblins who want to steal all the Christmas toys for themselves! Luckily the boys and girls were there to help Elfie save the day! 

The Toy Show!!

The toy show is on tonight, the 30th November. In our class we LOOOOVE the Toy Show! It is the perfect opportunity to decorate the classroom for Christmas! The children earned a reward for good behaviour today, which meant they could have some hot chocolate while I read a Christmas story. What a great way to prepare for the excitement of the Toy Show! I hope you all enjoy it! 

Visit from a Scientist

We were very lucky to have a visit from a scientist called David. He studied zoology and marine biology. The children were fascinated with all the learning possibilities in the field of science.  Today, David spoke about seaweed. We learned about the various types of seaweed in Ireland, as well as where you would expect to find them on the seashore. We learned about wracks and kelps in particular. The children got to inspect each type of seaweed and their task was to categorise them correctly. They also drew a type of seaweed and all the drawings together made a model of the seashore. Thank you David for broadening our knowledge of what lies under the sea!

Clay Hansel & Gretel Houses

We were studying homes and houses for the last fortnight. We learned about all the materials used in building our houses, how our homes are heated and how homes differ all around the world. For art, we tried to create one of the most interesting houses in fairytales- the witch's house of candy from the Hansel & Gretel story! The children worked really hard to design their house, create the structure from clay and then paint it and add accessories. I think they look very cool! 

The Perfect Pencil!

The Perfect Pencil and The Golden Boot are new rewards for lining up well outside. 

Today, 26th November was the first day that The Perfect Pencil was being presented and our class, Rang a hAon/Dó, won!! It isn't always easy to stay in line, but we try our best!! It paid off today. I wonder which class will win next?

Special Guest for our Assembly

This Friday, 23rd November, we had our second ever assembly. Ms McKiernan's class led the assembly wonderfully. They reminded us how to be kind and how to be a good friend. They also sang two beautiful songs- 'Circle of Friends' and 'Count on Me'.

Since our last assembly, the children have been making a special effort to be kind. The teachers have been noticing all that kindness and putting the children's names into a special kindness box. Ms Walsh has been leading our kindness efforts and she kept that box specially for today where one lucky pupil would be chosen for a prize.

Our Special Guest Emma Slevin came to choose a name out of our kindness box. It was a wonderful honour for us to have Emma back in our school. She is a brilliant gymnast who represented Ireland in the Youth Olympics. She is an exceptional athlete, who is an inspiration to all the pupils in our school. Emma spoke about the importance of getting on with people and being kind, as her teammates are so important to her success. 

The boys and girls were delighted when the winner from Mr Raftery's class won our first every kindness prize!

Shadow Art

This fortnight, we are learning about light and shadows. We really enjoyed making our tin-foil men in Art and creating shadows!  

Science Week 11th-18th Nov

Bhaineamar go leor taitneamh as an Seachtain Eolaíochta!

We explored sounds and discovered that different objects, with different densities make different sounds.

We experimented with Mixing! We mixed sugar, oil and salt with water to see what would happen! No matter how much we stirred the oil, all we could make was a tornado effect and then it settled again into two separate mixtures!

We also put some celery into water with some food colouring. The children were surprsied to see that the next day the food colouring had reached the very top of the celery!!

On Friday afternoon, we had wonderful fun at our Design Challenge! Children worked in small groups. Each group was given 30 straws and a half packet of Blu-tac. Their challenge was to build the tallest tower they could that could stand by itself. Well done to the winning group who discovered that a wide base would support their structure better.  

Galway Minor Hurling Champions!

We were delighted on Friday 9th November, to welcome 3 of the esteemed County Minor Hurlers to our school-Conor Flaherty, Diarmuid Kilcommins and Enda Collins

The children had lots of time to ask questions, to get their hands on the cup and to get some signatures on their hurls and jerseys. 

The 3 young men were an inspiration- they spoke brilliantly to the pupils about hard work, dedication and picking themselves up after disappointments or losses. They encouraged our young players to work hard at whatever they are interested in and to never give up! 


Oíche Shamhna 2018

We had lots of fun this week preparing for Halloween. We learned about Halloween traditions, played some traditional games to 'tell our futures' and also learned some songs that might give you fright!!

We also had fun doing some Halloween Art activities involving silhouettes. On Friday we dressed up. We were so scary that our teacher didn't recognise us!!

Maths Week: 13th-21st October 2018

Is breá linn ag déanamh Mata sa rang seo. Bíonn na páistí go minic ag imirt cluichí agus ag iarraidh puzail a réiteach.

An seachtain seo, bhaineamar go leor taitneamh as cluiche 'Go Fishing'. Bhí ar na pháistí comhaireamh a dhéanamh agus go leor uimhreacha a chur le chéile chun iasc a fháil! 

Assembly- 16th October 2018

Rang a hAon/Dó were honoured this year to be the very first class to do an Assembly in our school!

The children worked so hard to get their presentation ready. For the Assembly, we focused on welcoming everyone back to school and we introduced the theme of kindness. The children in our school have so many good strengths, but KINDNESS is one we are focusing on at the moment.

The brilliant boys and girls in 1st and 2nd led the school in some Welcome Prayers. They recited a beautiful Welcome poem, which you can see below. Some of the 2nd class girls created this poem for us and many 1st class pupils decorated the letters W E L C O M E for our presentation. 

We also had some Kindness Rainbows! These rainbows taught us that kindness means sharing and caring, getting along with everyone, listening, loving and having fun! We had some excellent actresses who showed us some of the problems that children might have on the yard. Thankfully, our Kindness Rainbows helped us to solve all those pesky problems! 

We had 4 wonderful narrators, who led the whole assembly. They did an amazing job introducing each item, especially our big finale! This was a song called 'You Gotta Sing', which we performed with lots of actions!

I want to wish a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the boys and girls, as they worked very hard for this assembly and their hard work paid off! They were absolutely brilliant and it was a wonderful beginning to our school assemblies! Well done!

Welcome to our first Assembly!


Each of us together at school.


Learning, playing, making friends,


Come on, it’s really cool!


Our assembly will teach you about Kindness


Me and you- being kind to each other!


Even to our sisters and brothers!

Féile na Leabhar 2018: 24ú-28ú Meán Fomhair

Bhain na páistí go leor taitneamh as Féile na Leabhar, go háirithe an Margadh Leabhar. 

On Friday, the pupils dressed up as various characters from their favourite books. You may recognise some characters- Pippi Longstocking, an Oompa Loompa, Alice in Wonderland, Captain America......... there were so many well-loved characters to be seen throughout the school that day! 


Favourite Toys

 Throughout September, we have all been getting to know each other very well. The children have began their working year excellently. 

As a reward, the children brought in their favourite toy to show to the class. Of course, we had some time to play with the toys also!

We had lovely teddies, Galway hurling books, playing cards, Star Wars and Superhero action figures, trucks, cars and even 3-D glasses!

Back to School - September 2018!

Welcome back to school for the 2018/2019 School Year!! Wishing you all a most enjoyable year of learning and fun! 

We really enjoyed getting to know 'whooooooooo' is in our classroom this year!!


Féile Drámaíochta / Claregalway Drama Festival

March 2018      Cuairt ar an Amharclann / Visit to Claregalway Theatre