Fáilte go Rang a hAon 2018-2019

Fáilte go Rang a hAon!

Bímid ag obair go dian gach lá.

Tá muid an-ghnóthach agus an-chruthaitheach! 

Each one of us drew an outline of our hand and decorated it beautifully. We cut it out carefully and put them all together to make a colourful display. We think it shows how special and unique each one of us is ! It also reminds us that when we  work together we can create something even more wonderful!

These are our name art, see if you can identify the names hidden in the designs.

These are our "Mise" flags. We practised introducing ourselves as Gaeilge and we presented our flags to the class. Every day we practise our comhrá and we use our puppets Séamus and Sinéad to help us be the quizmaster and ask each other questions. We are getting very good at talking about ourselves as Gaeilge!

Every morning we ask "Cén lá atá inniu?" agus "Conas atá an aimsir?" and we choose what day and weather card to put in our calendar. We also have a song to help us to learn the days of the week.

These are our self-portraits. Who can you recognise?



This is our Maths corner. It helps us with our counting and we do lots of games based on our 100 square. We are learning to identify patterns and count in 2s, and 10s. Sometimes Teacher covers a number and we try to figure out what it is from looking at the numbers around it.


Book Week

The children dressed up as their favourite characters from chosen books. Some children presented their favourite books to the rest of the class and told us about the plot, characters and settings. We really enjoyed hearing about all the different stories and looking at all the different costumes.

Shape Monsters

We have been studying 2D shapes. We created shape monsters using circles, squares, rectangles, semi-circles and even a rhombus.

We also enjoy singing Everybody Get up- The Counting Song. We count in 5s and 10s and all the way to 100. When we get to 100, we jump as high as we can!

Kandinsky Trees

Here are some of Rang a hAon showing their Kandinsky trees. Kandinsky was a Russian painter and graphic artist. This is our take on his style of abstract art.

We coloured in 8 circles using two colours and cut them out. We chose a colour for our painted background and we painted the silhouette of a tree. We then carefully glued on each of the circles. Finally, we used our paintbrushes to  splatter dots of different colours in the background to mimic the style of Kandinsky.


Halloween Recipes



Our Favourite Characters!

The Counting Song!



Loathsome Creations!


Maths Week

Oíche Shamhna

Minion Art

Science Week

We really enjoyed conducting different experiments for Science week. We made slime and a rainbow cake using baking soda, corn flour and food colouring. We made predictions each time we added a new ingredient and then mixed them together. Some children in our class did their own science experiments at home and presented them to our class! Themes included how to make a hot air balloon, how to keep a weather journal, making a lava lamp and even a mini project on photosynthesis! We asked lots of questions so that we could find out how to do each one at home. We are making excellent scientists in Rang a h-Aon!

Bankers in Rang a h-Aon

In Maths, we are studying money. We love the banker challenge when we have to sort a large amount of money into different cups marked with different amounts. We have to estimate how much money we think we have and then count it up in pairs. We try to beat the timer each time.

Seaweed adventure

We had an exciting visit from a a microbiologist! We had the opportunity to learn all about different types of seaweed and how to identify the characteristics of each one. We got to see and touch real seaweed and investigate which type it could be ,using the information we had learned. We drew our own models of the sea shore and even got to attach them to a class model symbolising the sea shore. We learned about the movement of the tide and how this affects where each type of seaweed is located and their preferred habitat.

Elfie Saves Christmas!

We really enjoyed our festive outing to the pantomine "Elfie Saves Christmas"! We travelled to Salthill on the bus and pointed out all the wonderful Christmas decorations, lights and Christmas trees that we saw on the way. It really put us in the festive mood! The pantomine was so much fun, we could join in with lots of the songs and help Elvie to save Christmas for Santa and all the children. We even got to see the Christmas markets in Eyre square on our way home on the bus!

Penguin Art!

The Golden Boot!

We are so proud to have won the golden boot twice so far for having the best líne in the yard at break time, we have been trying really hard to make a straight line and wait quietly! When we get three golden boots, teacher is going to give us a special treat!

Project work from Rang a h-Aon

Christmas play 2018

Christmas Jumper Day

Clay animals

This month, our theme has been Animals.  We have been learning about different kinds of animals and developing our vocabulary with lots of fun games. We learned that the peregrine falcon can fly three times faster than a cheetah, that an elephant weighs the same as three cars and that a giant tortoise can live to be 170 years old! We even made our own animals out of clay, some children made farm animals, some children made pets and others made animals you might find in the jungle! We allowed them to dry and then we painted them the following week!

Grandparents Day

We had our Grandparents come to visit this week and we were so excited! We wrote poems for our Grandparents and we also wrote an essay telling them all the reasons why they are so special to us! We also prepared questions to ask our Grandparents about school long ago, the games they played, their favourite subjects and toys. Some of the games they played in the yard are the same as ours! We got to read out our essays to our Grandparents and show them the pictures we had made. We recited one of our favourite poems for them and they gave us a big bualadh bos.

Chinese New Year

This week, we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We now know that it is the year of the Pig! We read the story of the big animal race and discussed the traditions associated with Chinese New Year. We watched a video of a dragon parade! Here are our Chinese Dragons!

Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here, we are looking forward to longer days, new growth and the birth of new baby animals. We looked at photos of different Spring flowers and animals associated with Spring. We wrote Spring sensory poems! We brainstormed on the board the things we see, hear, taste, smell and feel during Spring time and then we composed our own poems!


Design and make!

We made boats from lollipop sticks, PVA glue and card. We had to test how sturdy our boats were and we really enjoyed the process of exploring, planning, designing and evaluating. 

Healthy Lunch Heroes!

Active Classroom Breaks

We really enjoy our active exercise breaks, we try to do 10 minutes of stretches, exercise or dance each day. 

Active classroom breaks enable the children to focus and engage with their learning, increases their fitness levels and equips them with the necessary tools for positive self-esteem and well-being.

Space Exploration in Rang a h-aon

 We have been learning about Planet Earth in Space. We compared the size of the sun and the moon and Planet Earth. We also discussed how the planets orbit around the sun in the same way that the moon orbits around Planet Earth! We now understand the reasons why we have night and day and we can identify countries on the world map that would have night time when we have day. We sequenced the planets in the right order from the sun and we even designed our own individual planets, we had to make important decisions regarding oxygen and temperature and what inhabitants would live on our planets! We came up with some very creative ideas. 

We even designed our own space rockets!

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig daoibh go léir! 

"Design a book cover" Competition


Growing Plants!

Mother's Day Art

The Children of Lir