Famous European Landmarks

In Rang 6, we are currently learning about Europe. The children all worked hard to construct famous European landmarks. They also researched their chosen landmark and presented interesting facts about it to the class. The projects are fantastic and will form part of our application for the European Blue Flag Award. Well done everyone... you should all be so proud of yourselves!

Being Engineers and Making 'Drawbots' in Rang 6!

In science, we learned about electricity circuits and the importance of connecting all components of the circuit together in order for it to work. We used our knowledge on circuits to construct Drawbots. They are robots that can draw different designs on paper.

Firstly, we constructed the circuit, using a battery pack, motor clip, motor, an off-centre weight and wire covers. We stuck the motor to the battery pack using sticky fixers. Using duct tape, we stuck markers to the sides of a plastic cup. These acted as legs to keep the Drawbot upright. Lastly, using sticky fixers once again, we stuck the electric circuit to the plastic cup, turned it on and placed it on a white page. We watched as the 'bot moved across the page.

Fun fact 1: When the motor is attached to the battery, an electric circuit is created.

Fun fact 2: We attached a wheel off centre to the motor. It is this off centre wheel that causes the vibration. If the wheel was attached directly to the centre of the motor, it would just spin. The vibration of the motor in turn causes the Drawbot to wiggle and jiggle across the paper, creating some colourful patterns as it goes.

We hope that all our science activities will help us to achieve the STEM Excellence Award for our school this year. Here are some pictures of us practicing our engineering and science skills in the classroom! Well done Rang 6!

Swimming Lessons

Before Christmas, we attended swimming lessons in the Claregalway Hotel every Wednesday afternoon for six weeks. Swimming is part of our Physical Education Curriculum. We had a fantastic time! 

Secret Santa in Rang 6!

We had a great time opening our Secret Santa presents today! We received lots of lovely goodies! Merry Christmas everyone! 

Christmas Play - Silent Night

 Rang 6 worked very hard over the last few weeks to prepare for our Christmas Play - Silent Night. We hugely enjoyed all our practising and especially performing for our families and friends on the day. We hope our audience enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed partaking in it. Well done to everyone involved! Here are a few pictures of our performance...

Christmas Candle Holders

We all made Christmas Candle Holders and painted them. They look beautiful and we can't wait to have them on display in our houses for Christmas. A special thanks to Mr. Flaherty for helping us to make them!

3-D Christmas Scenes


Our Christmas Art - Painting

We created beautiful Christmas art using paints. Firstly, we painted the background for the silhouette of the Nativity scene. It was really important that we carefully blended the colours into each other to achieve the desired effect. While they were drying, we outlined and painted elf shoes. Once the background for the silhouette was dry, we used black paint to create the silhouette of the nativity scene. Both paintings turned out beautifully and are displayed in the hall outside our classroom. Here are some pictures of us painting and of our finished work. We hope you enjoy looking at them.

Advent Calendar of Kindness

We created an Advent Calendar of Kindness for our classroom.

Each morning throughout Advent, we will open a new section of the calendar, which has a different act of kindness written in it every day. For that day, we must each try to perform that act of kindness at least once - in school, at home, in our community. Overall, throughout Advent, we will try to be extra kind to everyone around us.

The Advent Calendar of Kindness is also connected to the Weaving Wellbeing Programme we are participating in in our classroom and with the theme of Kindness that is running throughout our school this year.

3-D Snowflakes

In Rang 6, we made 3-D Snowflakes this week. This art also required us to use our problem solving skills as we had to figure out how to cut into the paper correctly in order to create the different patterns. The snowflakes all turned out beautifully and we had great fun making them. They are now hanging up in our classroom for everyone to see.


Science Week 2018

Throughout Science Week, we participated in many fantastic, interesting and exciting experiments. At the beginning of the week, we worked co-operatively and collaboratively in small groups, using laptops and iPads to research fun and engaging experiments. Throughout the rest of the week we presented our experiments to our own class and to other classes around the school.

We investigated many different scientific aspects, including examining the chemicals that make nappies absorbent, understanding the chemical reaction between coca cola and mentos, creating a fire snake, a colour symphony, lava lamp and a tornado in a bottle, blowing bubbles inside bubbles (6 bubbles inside each other was our record!), making oobleck, slime and elephant toothpaste, creating a tea-bag rocket and water fountain, learning about static energy with salt and pepper, investigating the separation of materials, using milk, pepper, food colouring and washing up liquid, examining the density of different substances and many many more.

We learned so much and really enjoyed Science Week. It was a huge success. Along with the rest of the school, we are well on our way to achieving the Discover Primary Science STEM Excellence Award. Well done Rang 6!

 Researching Experiments with ICT.

 Presenting Experiments to Our Class

 Presenting Experiments to other Classes

The Visit of the All-Ireland Champions

In November, We Remember

During the month of November, we remember those of our family, friends and neighbours who have passed away. We remembered the many different things that made them so special to us. We wrote prayers in their honour. We placed the prayers in our Sacred Space in the classroom. Each morning throughout November, we say a special prayer to remember them. May they all Rest in Peace.

Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Halloween Cake Sale

Some photos from our very successful Halloween Cake Sale. Rang 6 organised the whole event, from creating advertisements to visiting all classrooms promoting the event to hosting the cake sale on the day and cleaning up afterwards. A huge thank you to all the parents and children throughout the school, who made such fabulous treats for the cake sale. It was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Maths Week 2018

Over the past week, we have been learning about Maths in Our Environment. We have examined where maths can be used and seen in the wider world and came up with fantastic examples - in air traffic control, in statistics of rugby, soccer or GAA matches, in monitoring the weather and the Irish climate, in global warming, in cars, in the supermarket, in cooking, in using maps, in the shapes of various objects in the environment around us and many more. We created fabulous books and projects based on this topic.


 Rang 6 participated in a Skip-Hop Workshop today. We learned many new and fantastic moves, skills and techniques to increase our skipping abilities. We also developed our stamina and co ordination skills, while having lots of fun. Skipping is one of the best exercises for improving fitness levels and heart health. Here are some pictures of us skipping during the workshop...

Halloween Chromatography Art

Last week, we learned about Chromatography in Science and carried out an experiment on the topic. You can see pictures and more information about our work further down this page. This week, we completed halloween art, using the chromatography as a back drop. We're very proud of our creations.

Claregalway 2020 Community Event

On the 27th of October next, an event will be held in the Community Centre to celebrate the diverse cultures living in and around Claregalway. It is being organised by the Claregalway 2020 Community Group. We were delighted to be invited to participate in this fantastic celebration. In our classroom, we researched and learned about India - the customs, traditions, geography, history, native animals and many more aspects about the country. We worked co-operatively and collaboratively in groups, using iPads and child-friendly search engines, such as KidRex, Kiddle and websites such as the National Geographic for Kids. Collectively, as a class, we created a mood board about India. Our work will be on display during the Claregalway 2020 event in the Community Centre. We loved working on this project, all the while developing our ICT and researching skills. 


Interesting Facts from our Walking Tour

In school, after our very interesting walking tour, we each created a fact file, detailing the most interesting facts we learned on our trip. These fact files are on display in the corridor outside our classroom. 

Historical Walking Tour of Galway

 Today, Rang 6 participated in a historical walking tour of Galway City. We learned many interesting facts and some gruesome stories about the history of our city. Did you know that Eyre Square is officially known as Kennedy Park, after former U.S. President John F Kennedy? Or that once upon a time you needed a passport to enter Galway City? We had a brilliant day! Here are some photos of our tour...


We learned about Chromatography today in Rang 6. Paper chromatography is a method of separating mixtures and in particular water soluble markers. By separating out the colours, chromatography shows us the colours that are present in a particular ink or marker. These are the steps we followed:

1. Fold the circular piece of filter paper into quarters.

2. Open the filter paper out fully again.

3. Using different colour markers, add colour to the filter paper.

4. It is important to leave about 1cm from the circumference without colour. This provides room for the colours to expand and move further.

5. Fold filter paper into quarters again.

6. Lower the filter paper slowly into a small pot of water. As the paper absorbs the water, the colours separate and mix together creating beautiful designs.

7. Leave the filter paper on the window ledge to dry.

Over the coming days when our chromatography designs are completely dry, we will be using them to create spooky Halloween art!


 Our Finished Chromatography Creations...

Working as Historians & Cartographers.

Recently, in History, we learned about the History of the GAA - from its foundation in Hayes' Hotel in Thurles, Co. Tipperary in 1884 up until the present day and everything in between. We learned about how Croke Park and all the stands got their names. Did you know Hill 16 was so named because it was built from the rubble of the 1916 rising? Or that Galway played Tipperary in the first ever All Ireland Hurling Final? (We just won't mention the final score!!)

In Geography, we examined Ordnance Survey Maps and discussed the essential facilities that should be included in a town. We then worked as cartographers and created our own individual ideal towns. We also included a legend, so people can understand and follow our maps.

Have a look at our work in the pictures below...


We love Art!

Over the last few weeks, we completed some beautiful art in Rang 6. We illustrated Dexter, a cartoon character, which proved to us that we can all be fantastic artists. We learned about warm and cool colours in creating our Warm and Cool Tree art. We made patterns by weaving different coloured pages together. October is our month to create a display for the table at the front door, which we completed with a Halloween theme. Here are some pictures of our work.

Lets Make Wag!

 In Science, we learned about levers, how they work and where we can find them in everyday life. When you push or pull one part of a lever, you make a push or pull on another part, in the opposite direction.

From the information we learned, we created Wag, the Dog. When you pull the dog's tail, its tongue pushes out! 

Here is a picture of our display on the left.

Up, Up and Away in Rang 6!

Our Parachutes.

Over the last number of weeks we have been busy learning about gravity and air resistance in Science. We designed many different parachutes using controls and variables. From this, we learned that parachutes made from plastic materials have a higher air resistance than those made from paper or other materials. As a result, the plastic parachutes floated in the air for the longest length of time and brought their passengers (clothes pegs, pipe cleaners, lego characters, etc) down to earth safely. We really enjoyed making and learning about parachutes.

 The Production Process.

Ready to Test our Parachutes Outside.

 Up, Up and Away!